Swiss clinics treat kidneys and urino--genital system inflammatory processes very successfully. The diagnostics allows patients to have full examination and treatment of these diseases most efficiently.

The specialists of andrology use therapeutic, endocrinology and surgical methods of treatment with the help of most modern equipment.

High qualified urologists broadly use all modern methods of diagnostics: fertility tests, spermography, ultrasonic scanning, Doppler methods of penis valves scanning, cystoscopy, infections diagnosing lab methods that can be spread by penis, microscopy, etc.

Usually the examination in the foreign clinics used for urinary bladder problems estimation includes:

  • Patient’s anamnesis and physical examination
  • Lab Examination
  • Radilogical examination
  • Endoscopy
  • Urodynamics

Urodinamics is the only dynamic test, endoscopy and radiological researches can diagnose structural disfunctions.

Leading experts are carrying out the following surveys:

  • Surgical adrenal glands, urinary bladder (including its change from bowels tissues ), prostate gland (radical surgery) and testis cancer treatment
  • Laser surgery of benignant hyperplasia (first stage of this kind)
  • Laparoscopic surgery for correcting some types of fertilization disfunctions
  • Implanting surgery by potency disfunctions (phalloprothesis)
  • Plastic-restorative surgeries when urethra damages
  • Complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of urethra.
  • Treatment and preventive treatment of the urolithiasis with the help of most modern technology of distant and contact lithotripsy
  • Modern methods of surgical kidney and urinary bladder cancer treatment
  • Usage of different ways of endosurgeries on upper and lower urinaries.
  • Development of urologic miniinvasive treatment
  • Chronic renal insufficiency treatment, hemodialysis treatment and renal transplantation
  • Diagnostics, conservative and miniinvasive treatment of benignant hyperplasia, prostate gland cancer and chronic prostatitis.
  • Correction of potency and fertilization
  • Diagnostics and treatment of women’s urination and enuresis
  • Children’s urology
  • Sexual problems treatment and diagnostics