Attractive smile is one of the steps to perfect beauty despite age. Beautiful teeth mean success, youth and energy. Vinirs are the ceramic coating (to coat means to give a polish) that makes your tooth natural due to its transparency.

The process of receiving a perfect smile with the help of ceramics vinir is carried out by precise technologies. The materials not harmful to the body are used in this process.

This enables the materials to serve for many years.

Dentist clinic on the Belview square is one the few clinics specialized in this sphere. It works with the international dentist techniques team. Doctor Colert is the leading of this clinic. He uses most modern methods that help you smile showing shiny teeth. It will make you face look better and allow you to look younger.

One of the best and long-termed methods to produce a good tooth is coating it from the visible side by vinir.

The outer part of the tooth is fixed with very thin coat of glass ceramics (0,3 – 0,5 mm). This procedure is painless. The desired changes in the tooth can be produced on the plaster model with the help of wax.

Doctor Colert thinks that from the medical point of view in comparison with the common crowns the advantage of the coating is in the following: turning of the tooth is achieved only within the surface enamel coats and only on the front part of the tooth.

The fissure between the teeth is disappearing, the crooked teeth has become straight, false teeth coloring is disappearing. The underdeveloped short teeth are growing without any problems. No only wrong positioned teeth but also unhealthy teeth color can be changed to the best.

Manufacture, esthetic choice and trial of vinir require preciseness and artistic talent. Vinir coating is considered to be the pattern of high technologies in dental esthetics. The specialists are sure that in the nearest future vinir coating will be as natural as pons and crowns. Since February 2006 the clinic started using newest techniques of teeth implants.

With the help of New Tom 3G (the clinic is certified for its exclusive usage) it is possible nowadays to make 3D tomography of the implant area. New Tom 3G comprises all the knowledge, experience and newest technologies in 3D radiology.

Model New Tom 3G is the best and most ergonomic way to carry out examinations like this. During the examination the patient is lying comfortable on the table. The time of examination and staying upon radiation is reduced at 90%. After making diagnosis the implant doctor thanks to the examination is fully informed and can carry out most sparing treatment harmful for nerves and valves. The future implantation can be calculated up to millimeters and it means the prosthesis can be comfortable and nice.

All the patients undergo preliminary complex diagnostics. They are under control of high qualified doctors, and after the treatment they have possibility to out the implant. The stomatology offer you rehab in the VIP rest rooms.

Strange as it may sound but complex implantation of teeth on both jaws in Swiss clinics would cost you less than in Moscow ones.