1. I want to go to Switzerland for the treatment, but I am afraid that it will be very expensive.
A: Despite the usual opinion, the cost of treatment in Switzerland is the same or a little bit higher than in the best clinics of Moscow. Sometimes thanks to the high diagnostics level and doctors professionalism the treatment can cost less because it doesn’t need extra examinations and treatment courses..

2. What is the approximate cost of treatment in Switzerland?
A: the cost of treatment in Switzerland is defined individually depending upon the diagnosis and the patients’ needs. In each separate case we give you the accommodation offer including all the expenses both medical and administrative. The consultations of the specialists chosen by us depending upon your medical examination results can cost from 200 Swiss francs.

3. How much time is necessary to get ready for the departure, when can I leave??
A: Usually all the paper work for the departure can take about 1 week. But in case of urgent need of the departure can be organized in the shorter time.

4. When is it necessary to pay for the treatment- before or after the course?
A: Swiss clinics accept foreign patients on condition of full treatment prepayment. If for some reason its amount is bigger than the deposit, our Association guarantee the clinic that in case of necessity we will grant the possibility to postpone the additional payment before patients’ arrival to his motherland. If the cost of treatment turned out to be less than the deposit, we will return extra money to the patient.

5. How much can take the staying in Switzerland?
A: everything depends upon the difficulty of treatment or surgery. If we are talking about the consultation of the specialist, the whole trip can take only one day. Also we can have full medical examination (check-up) for one day. Surgical treatment can take as a rule not more than 5-10 days of staying in clinic. In some cases the patient can come back home on the third day after the surgery.

6. What documents are necessary for the trip?
A: If you have the conclusion decision of the doctors, the case record, it is better to take them with you and show to our specialists in Moscow because they will help us to put the most qualified and full inquiry to Switzerland. For issuing visa you will need the following documents:

  • Valid foreign passport
  • 1 photo
  • The paper from your place of work
Our Association will get ready the rest documents for you.

7. Can you give guarantees for the treatment?
A: in accordance with the Swiss law, all doctors are insured and in case of doctor’s mistake the patients have the right to ask for the financial compensation. Our Association secures full support of our patients and in case of necessity it guarantees juridical help.

8. Where will I be staying in Switzerland?
A: the accommodation can be both in- and out-patent, depending on the type of treatment. The Association can book the comfortable room in the hotel of any kind for you. If the long-term treatment in Switzerland is necessary (for example, child delivery), we can rent the apartment for you that will be the same comfortable as the hotel’s room, but will cost you less. In some cases you will have spend several days in the clinic. Usually it is included in the cost of surgery or the treatment.

9. Can the attendant persons come with me?
A: of coarse your relatives can come with you. We can also prepare the documents for them and secure full administrative support. In case of necessity, your relatives can escort you and stay with you in the clinic.